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A Fee Structure (Almost) as Unique as Each Investigation

Root Resolutions offers their services on an hourly rate, flat rate, or on retainer depending on the nature of the engagement and our clients’ unique requirements.

Our Services

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Workplace, Sport, Institutional Investigations

Root Resolutions completes investigations from end-to-end. We specialize in handling whistleblower/anonymous reports and in conducting investigations for corporations, sports organizations, and educational institutions. We excel at dealing with high-risk, high-profile concerns involving workplace bullying/harassment, sexual harassment, fraud/theft, conflict of interest and professional conduct. Root Resolutions is an Independent Investigation Member of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) Investigation Unit.

Turn your concerns over to us and we will advise you on what you need to do immediately, during the investigation, and at the conclusion of our engagement. Root Resolutions will identify potential risks at the outset and in the course of the investigation through regular updates. We can also provide recommendations at the conclusion of our investigation. Let us deal with your issue, from start to finish.

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Whistleblower & Anonymous Report Intake & Assessment

We can assess reports that come into your organization on a case-by-case basis or receive reports directly from your organization’s reporting platform on an ongoing basis. After assessing each report, we will make recommendations on courses of action.

We can also review your whistleblower program and test your reporting platform to ensure it is aligned with legal requirements as well as professional standards, guidelines, and benchmarks.

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Investigation Support

Are you doing an investigation and have something you don’t know how to handle? Could you benefit from having an investigation interview template? Do you have an internal investigator who could benefit from working on an investigation alongside an accomplished professional? Do you want to hire an individual as an internal or external investigator but do not know what to ask candidates?

Investigations are dynamic and interviews are critical to the success of any investigation. Courses and workshops are helpful to learn the art and science of investigative work but nothing replaces the experience of a seasoned professional who has seen it all.

Let us help you.

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Investigation Review

Did an internal or external investigator do an investigation and you would like to know if the investigation was proper, thorough, and robust? We’ll take a look at it for you.

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Crisis Management

For serious complaints and issues, especially those with public or regulatory exposures, a timely and appropriate response is crucial to the reputation of your organization. Stakeholders and the public will want to know what you are doing. We can help. Not only can we get started on an investigation on any day at any hour, we also have a fully operational first-in-class third party reporting platform that is available for our clients to use – right now.

Want to take our reporting platform for a test drive? Just let us know and we will give you access – no charge.

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Education & Consultation

Ensure your teams are aware of current standards in ethical and lawful conduct by hiring Root Resolutions to run a workshop or engaging educational session. Our team, along with our broad network of strategic partners, can provide scalable programs to address the specific needs, risks, and challenges of your organization, including diversity and inclusion, bullying/harassment and discrimination, fraudulent and other illegal behaviour, and how to appropriately receive stakeholder reports of any concerns. Preventative measures go a long way toward preserving the reputation and general success of your organization.

What Clients Say About Us

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We engaged Jeff to investigate a highly sensitive matter. The CEO required updates twice a day because a critical decision had to be made within 48 hours based on the information gathered from the investigation to that point. In less than 48 hours, Jeff had fully investigated the matter and the issue was resolved. Jeff’s efficient and effective work saved the company from potential regulatory penalties and stock-value depreciation.

Senior Executive at a publicly-traded corporation in Alberta

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An allegation of sexual harassment was brought to our attention. Knowing timely action had to be taken but not understanding exactly what to do, Jeff guided us through the critical early steps to ensure that this serious complaint was dealt with appropriately.

Board Member at a not-for-profit organization in Alberta

Quotation marks

Jeff provided valuable advice on how to structure our Ethics Program and integrate it with our Fraud Risk Management Program. His experience was extraordinarily helpful in guiding the creation and implementation of our Investigation Policy and Protocols which have proven effective.

Senior Compliance Manager at an institutional trading company in Alberta

Quotation marks

Our CEO's Executive Assistant made serious allegations of bullying and harassment against several professionals at Head Office. Jeff conducted a thorough and fair investigation to find none of the allegations to be substantiated based on the evidence. Our employees commented on how they felt respected and listened to in the course of their interviews.

Human Resources Leader at an international energy company in Alberta