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Certified Professional Investigators

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Values, Mission, Vision

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Integrity. Competence. Compassion.

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Deliver investigations of the highest quality for clients with like values.

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Elevate the standard of investigative work in Canada as an industry leader.

Integrity. Expertise. Results.

What We Do

Qualified, licenced investigators complete unbiased and thorough evidence-based investigations. We utilize proven trauma-informed methodologies to develop information and identify the root cause of issues within organizations. With more complete information, our clients' internal or external counsel can deliver more meaningful legal opinions. In turn, business leaders can make better informed decisions. In the end, all participants in an investigation will have been respected and heard and our clients' issues resolved.

Root Resolutions is an Independent Investigation Member of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) Investigation Unit.

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Professional & Amateur Sports Teams
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Educational Institutions

Our Roots

We Grew Out of a Need for Better Investigating

Recognizing the absence of qualified investigators available to successfully complete complex, confidential investigations, founder Jeff Bzowey launched Root Resolutions to meet the demands of corporations, sports organizations, and educational institutions.


All of our investigators are licensed by the Province of Alberta, hold at least one internationally recognized professional investigation certification, and hold a university degree. We keep our skills current with ongoing professional education - a commitment to excellence and genuine passion for what we do. We also pride ourselves on being effective communicators who put people at ease and listen to what stakeholders have to say. Our demonstrated competence and strong interpersonal skills earn us the trust of those we speak with. This allows us to develop critical information that others have missed. In short, we effectively identify issues and exposures, then efficiently resolve concerns through a carefully curated process of prevention, detection, investigation, and correction.

Our Commitment to Care

All of our investigators follow a trauma-informed methodology when addressing victims, whistleblowers, respondents, and other stakeholders. We recognize the impact that experiencing or witnessing unethical behaviour can have on individuals, as well as the additional stress that comes with speaking up. We will always strive to create an environment of safety, foster collaborative and transparent partnerships, and acknowledge the relevance of diverse backgrounds and cultural needs.

Jeff Bzowey

Root Resolutions Owner and Principal Consultant
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Jeff brings over 23 years of experience to his firm, having completed thousands of complex criminal, regulatory, and civil/administrative investigations in his career. He has arrested, charged, and incarcerated individuals for such criminal offences as sexual assault, assault, theft, and fraud. He has interviewed institutional securities investors on Wall Street in relation to multi-million-dollar regulatory investigations. Jeff has also testified numerous times in various courts and before regulatory tribunals with respect to investigations he has led.

In completing workplace investigations, Jeff has brought his unique depth and breadth of experience to obtain confessions from employees for such offences as theft and fraud while investigating bullying, harassment, and professional conduct allegations.


Root Resolutions and Owner and Principal Consultant, Jeff Bzowey, are both licenced under the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA) of Alberta. Jeff holds a Degree in Economics and is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

These designations oblige Jeff to align Root Resolutions' work with the professional investigation standards and guidelines of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and ASIS International (ASIS) respectively and to follow the codes of ethics of the SSIA, ACFE, and ASIS.

On a Personal (Sport) Note

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Root Resolutions' Jeff Bzowey grew up playing minor hockey, baseball, football, and soccer.

Jeff has stayed connected to sport through his family which has led to a network that now includes individuals from the top of amateur and professional sports.