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Workplace, Sport, Institutional Investigations

We deliver peace of mind with Root-to-Resolution investigations of bullying/harassment, sexual misconduct, theft, fraud, conflict of interest, professional conduct, and much more.
Root Resolutions is an Independent Investigation Member of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) Investigation Unit.
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Root Resolutions is a Boutique Investigations Firm Based in Calgary, Alberta

Recognizing the absence of qualified investigators, founder Jeff Bzowey established our team of highly trained licenced professionals to specialize in handling sensitive complaints in the workplace, sport, and educational institutions (including universities, colleges, academies, and schools). Using the most up-to-date techniques and tools, we complete high-risk, high-profile investigations from end-to-end, determining what happened and what needs to be done.

Don’t freeze in the face of a crisis – give us a call. The call is free, the guidance is valuable.

What Clients Say About Us

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We engaged Jeff to investigate a highly sensitive matter. The CEO required updates twice a day because a critical decision had to be made within 48 hours based on the information gathered from the investigation to that point. In less than 48 hours, Jeff had fully investigated the matter and the issue was resolved. Jeff’s efficient and effective work saved the company from potential regulatory penalties and stock-value depreciation.

Senior Executive at a publicly-traded corporation in Alberta

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An allegation of sexual harassment was brought to our attention. Knowing timely action had to be taken but not understanding exactly what to do, Jeff guided us through the critical early steps to ensure that this serious complaint was dealt with appropriately.

Board Member at a not-for-profit organization in Alberta

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Jeff provided valuable advice on how to structure our Ethics Program and integrate it with our Fraud Risk Management Program. His experience was extraordinarily helpful in guiding the creation and implementation of our Investigation Policy and Protocols which have proven effective.

Senior Compliance Manager at an institutional trading company in Alberta

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Our CEO's Executive Assistant made serious allegations of bullying and harassment against several professionals at Head Office. Jeff conducted a thorough and fair investigation to find none of the allegations to be substantiated based on the evidence. Our employees commented on how they felt respected and listened to in the course of their interviews.

Human Resources Leader at an international energy company in Alberta

Our Strategic Partners

Prevention. Detection. Investigation. Correction.

Root Resolutions leverages the expertise of our industry leading strategic partners to provide end-to-end solutions to our clients' issues.
Respect Group

Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil founded Respect Group to deliver online training to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD) in the workplace, sport, and schools.

Syntrio 3

The team at Syntrio delivers Root Resolutions' first-in-class third party reporting platform (Clearview Connects), allowing clients' stakeholders to speak up about concerns and for organizations to manage an emerging crisis.

Global Brain 2

Author and founder of The Bullied Brain, Dr. Jennifer Fraser coaches individuals and consults with organizations in order to replace outdated bullying and abuse behaviours and cultures with evidence-based practices grounded in what scientists now know about brain safety and health.


Linda Crockett is an international speaker and founded the Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources (CIWBR) to offer a full range of trauma-informed services that assist with internal and external processes in prevention, intervention, repairing, restoring, and recovery from incidents of negative interpersonal interactions, harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

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Our Commitment to Care

Our business is all about people. Victims, respondents, witnesses and other stakeholders involved in any investigation are under stress and may be traumatized. We treat every person we meet with the utmost care, demonstrating compassion, competence, and transparent communication.